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Where to Buy Gymnastics Equipment & Leotards

Blow are some useful links to website where you can buy Rhythmic Gymnastics equipment, leotards & accessories


Gymnast Training Structure:
Efficacy and Recovery

Recommendations on training structure from USA Rhythmic Gymnastics Program. This post includes details on

  • Training hours
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition


Gymnasts train at Vitrychenko Academy

The Power of Three:
Parent-Gymnast-Coach Triangle

Adapted from Studio Gymnastics BabyMiss

The results of an athlete’s training and her desire to go to the gym are affected by a triangle of parent-child-coach relationship and how these three components interact. Here are a few tips to give your gymnast an extra spring in her step when she’s going to practice:


athlete-gymnast-coach triangle

6 Mistakes for Parents of Gymnasts to Avoid

When we watch our child making first achievements in sports (like successively winning a certain number of gymnastics competitions), or hear from the coach about how talented and promising is your athlete, it’s easy for every parent to get sucked into the so-called “parent trap” of emphasizing results or pushing skills development over all other aspects of a child’s life.


Gymnastics competition do's and don'ts

Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Guide

Vitrychenko Academy knows that the first gymnastics competition can be confusing. To help parents of young gymnasts get ready to their first gymnastics competition, Vitrychenko Academy in Illinois is sharing a guidebook to being a fantastic gymnastics parent at the competition. All of this together is meant as a general guideline to help you and your athlete with the most frequently asked questions about rhythmic gymnastics competitions in the USA. If you have any additional questions, please ask.


Rhythmic gymnastics competitive team