Policies & Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

1. Gym Culture: Parents and gymnasts are expected to maintain a positive and encouraging gym culture between other parents, coaches, and gymnasts.

2. Session Fees: Payments have to be submitted on the first week of a session. Students can attend classes only if the session fees have been paid. Session fees will be prorated when starting late in a session. No refunds will be given for absences, or leaving for any other reason.*If session payments are NOT paid on time, there will be a $30 late fee!*

3. Music: All music given for routines is the property of Vitrychenko Academy. Students will have to change the music if they change clubs.

4. Commitment: If a student starts a season with Vitrychenko Academy, we expect her to stay the entire season.

5. Coaches fees for competitions: Coaches fee will be announced 2 days after competition. Every gymnast is to pay the set coaches fee for each competition.

6. Private lessons: Private lessons are allowed when girls join group classes a minimum of 2 times a week. These lessons are very important to girls who compete because it allows gymnasts to understand their routines better and excel quicker in the sport

7. Competition Registration Fees: All registration fees should be turned in on time. If you try to turn it in late, there will be a high chance that registration is either full or no longer open. It is parents responsibility to track which competitions you have paid for. Please do not rely on coaches for knowing which competitions you have paid for. There are lots of girls going to each competition, so it is hard to keep tabs on every payment for every competition.

8. Dress Code: All gymnasts should come to practice wearing appropriate training clothes. (Preferably black clothing) Hair should be up and out of the face.

9. Keeping the gym clean: Treat the training area like your house. If gymnasts leave trash in the gym, they will be asked to clean it up. Empty plastic water bottles will be thrown away if left at the gym. If gymnasts use equipment from VA, they should put it back. Coaches should not have to clean up after gymnasts.

10. Equipment: All equipment gymnasts own should have their name, or initials on it so you know what belongs to each girl. When gymnasts are not using certain pieces of equipment, it should be completely inside their gym bag so their items do not get lost or stolen. These things will help keep everything organized and the gym clean as well 🙂

11. Photos: Vitrychenko Academy as well as coaches are allowed to take and publish photos of gymnasts on the VA website and social medias.

12. Injuries: Rhythmic Gymnastics is a high intensity sport that includes tossing equipment into the air and being to catch it is multiple different ways. Gymnasts are at risk of injuries. VA is not liable for any injuries gymnasts sustain while training at VA.

Gymnasts should have all the equipment they need at all times. Everything (not including hoops) should be in their gymnastics bags to make things easier to find This includes their routine equipment, toe shoes, and any training equipment they need (i.e weights or stretching bands). There should be no excuse for gymnasts leaving equipment at home.