Rhythmic gymnastics classes for level 1-10

  • Rhythmic training at Vitrychenko Academy is led by Olympic Bronze medalist, Olena Vitrychenko, who shares her Olympic–level experience and family’s legacy for excellence in the sport.

Level 1:

  • For ages 2.5 years old to 5 years old
  • Non- competitive
  • Learn the basics of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Level 3-5:

  • For ages 5 and older
  • Competitive and non competitive groups (Level 3)
  • Learn and perform 2 routines- Level 4
  • Learn and compete 4 routines- Level 5
  • Start to advance your skills as a rhythmic gymnast
  • Travel to different states to compete and have the chance to possible compete internationally
  • Have the choice to compete at U.S Open Championships (Similar to Nationals but for lower levels)

Levels 6-10:

  • Learn advanced skills and masteries using various pieces of equipment
  • Learn and perform 4 routines at competitions
  • Have the chance to compete in different states and Internationally
  • Compete for a spot to Nationals at Illinois State Championships
  • Have the chance to go to squad development programs (levels 7-8 and 9-10), be on the Jr National team (level 10), or Senior National team (level 10)