Vitrychenko Academy

Ideally located in the North Shore, Vitrychenko Academy offers top-level training in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and personal sports performance training as well as modern dance and stretching classes. Vitrychenko Academy aims for each gymnast to achieve their personal best by learning proper technique, body alignment, and apparatus mastery.


Head Coach Olena vitrychenko

Olena was the 1996 Olympic Bronze medalist, 9 time World Champion, and 12 time European champion as an individual rhythmic gymnast. She has been coaching for over 10 years and has coached at the U.S.A. Open camp at the Karolyi ranch as well as Future Stars camps, and others. Her gymnasts archive top level and become National Champions, PanAmerican Champions and had the opportunity to compete in the first ever Junior Group National Championship. Using her unique style of coaching and dedication to excellence in the sport, Olena expertly instructs the very young to the most accomplished gymnasts in a way that helps them to be their personal best in a safe and developmental approach.

Sports Performance Trainer Alex Borovikov

Alex has over 15 years of working with professional athletes. He graduated from the top Air Force Academy -pilot-engineer Naval Aviation. After the end of his military career he graduated from the Government Academy with a qualification in governmental operations. For more than 10 years built and operated many soccer clubs all over the world. Alex is a certified USA Gymnastics Instructor and certified in Safety and Risk management, ideal for sports performance training. He is a master trainer and designs regimens that allow athletes to achieve their physical goals and maximize performance in the sport.

Oleksii Borovikov - Sports Performance Trainer

Coach Natalia Pushkina

Natalia Pushkina is a highly accomplished coach. With her expertise and passion, Natalia has made a significant impact on the gymnastics community. As a level 3-8 head coach, Natalia has demonstrated exceptional coaching skills, guiding her athletes to achieve remarkable results. She has trained multiple state and regional champions. In addition to her regional success, Natalia has trained athletes who have achieved remarkable accomplishments at the National level. Her coaching has led to the victory of the Level 4-5 Classic America Championship in both 2023 and 2024, solidifying her reputations as a top notch coach in the country. Recognized for her outstanding coaching abilities, Natalia was awarded the coveted title of “Coach of the Year” in 2023. With Natalia as their coach, gymnasts are not only provided with exceptional training but are also inspired to reach their full potential. Her coaching philosophy focuses on nurturing each athlete’s unique strengths, instilling discipline, and fostering a supportive and empowering environment.

Coach Yana Blyashuk

Yana was a Master of sport in Rhythmic Gymnastics, a participant of the group Ukrainian Championship, Prize holder of the Ukrainian Championship.

Now a mother and coach, therefore she pays a lot of attention during her work on psychological advancement in kids and adults.

Coach Lily Avila

Lily is a past US national team member and has successfully represented the US at many international competitions. She has many years of experience in the sport and hopes to share her passion with younger girls. She is dedicated to building strong technique as well as making trainings enjoyable.

Coach Madeline Avila

When Maddie was a gymnast she was fortunate enough to go to the first ever junior world championships and represent team USA in the group competition in 2019. As a coach she loves making kids smile and find the joy in gymnastics for all ages. She also has a love for dance and shares that with the girls, finding new ways to move and express themselves.

Coach Kamila Stetskiv

Master of Sports of Ukraine, prize-winner of the championship of Ukraine in group exercises, winner of the All-Ukrainian Universiade in group exercises and team all-around. Kamila was a prize-winner and winner of international tournaments in Europe. She graduated from Lviv State School of Physical Culture and IVAN BOBERSKY Lviv STATE UNIVERSITY OF PHYSICAL CULTURE with honors.
“I love creating new programs for my gymnast ,learning new elements and exercises together.
I am happy about our joint successes at competitions, but I believe that there is always something to practice!
The best gift for me is the dedication of my gymnast ,their efforts, perseverance and a smile on face.” -Coach Kamila

Coach Ekaterina Papova

Ekaterina Papova is a Belarusian gymnast, a member of the national team of the Republic of Belarus. Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics. Participant and prize-winner of republican and international competitions.
Coaching experience:
2018-2022 coach of sports school №3 in Belarus
2022 – present coach of the Vitrychenko Academy, USA.

Coach / Choreographer Anna Yatsyna

Rhythmic gymnastics coach and choreographer at Vitrychenko Academy. Anna was a member of the Ukrainian National Gymnastics Team. Anna received a Master of Sports in Ukraine for Rhythmic Gymnastics and was the winner of the International tournament in Europe and the United States. Anna was also a multiple silver and bronze medalist winner in the Ukrainian group team. Also, Anna was the coach and choreographer of Dnipropetrovsk School of Olympic Reserve in Ukraine for rhythmic gymnastics. She was trained and qualified as a choreographer and master of many dance styles. Anna is dedicated to excellence in the sport and an ideal coach for the high quality training offered at Vitrychenko Academy. Her gymnasts archive top level and become National Champions, PanAmerican Champions and had the opportunity to compete in the first ever Junior Group National Championship.

Anna Yatsyna rhythmic gymnastics coach & choreographer


The history of Vitrychenko Academy began when Olena Vitrychenko was just four years old. Coached by her mother Nina Vitrychenko, she attended the best schools and training centers in the world including the “Novogorsk” Russian National team training center and “Deryuguina School” in Kyiv, Ukraine.   Olena’s training, passion, and dedication to excellence in the sport led her to 9 World Champion titles, 12 European Champion titles, and the Olympic Bronze medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. Following her career as an individual rhythmic gymnast, Olena went on to coach for ten years in Spain and moved to the U.S. in 2013. Vitrychenko Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2014.