Blog The Power of Three:
Parent-Gymnast-Coach Triangle

The results of an athlete’s training and her desire to go to the gym is affected by a triangle of parent-child-coach relationship and how these three components interact. Here are a few tips to give your gymnast an extra spring in her step when she’s going to practice:

1. Do not be late. Children need time to get adjusted to a new environment and get into a working mindset. Tardiness causes your child to miss the warm up, which could lead to an injury later in the practice.

2. Do not skip a practice. Do not slack without a good reason, otherwise it just turn into systematic absences. The more training an athlete misses, the harder it is to go next time, she loses self-confidence (other gymnasts know how to do an element, but she doesn’t).

3. Do make medals the main goal. Our main objectives are – health and beauty of the girls, medals are there to ignite to the spirit of good sportsmanship. Children are usually well aware of their places in a competition and your job is to minimize their stress over this aspect.

4. Do not succumb to the attacks of laziness. Every mother has heard:”I don’t want to go to the gym!” This is usually a passing whim, find out the real reason why the gymnast refuses to go, and consult with the coach to address the issue. Sometimes our girls need an extra push. They will thank you later.

5. Motivate your gymnast. Nobody knows better than you how to motivate your child. It could be a small gift, an opportunity to watch a gymnastics championship or a new movie after a workout – you know best.

6. Praise your athlete. They are waiting for this, it is their motivation. Young athletes get enough corrections from their coaches, but they need your praise. Remember that children are working to get kind words from mom and dad.

Adapted from Studio Gymnastics-BabyMiss

athlete-gymnast-coach triangle